W5:Montreal Trip


Join us for a memorable day in Montreal. You choose what you want to see and with whom!

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Date of outing: October 5, 2017


8:30 a.m.: Meet Nancy Thiffault (Student Services Coordinator) at the corner of Cumberland Street and University Street.

◾11:00 a.m.: Arrival in Montreal. The bus will drop us off on Peel Street, near Dorchester Square

-Explore the city with your friends or join Nancy if you prefer.

◾ 6:40 p.m.: Go back to the bus: Peel Street, near Dorchester Square.

◾ 7:00 p.m.: Departure from Montreal.

◾9:30 p.m.: Arrival on campus.

Cost: We only cover your transportation from Ottawa to Montreal and back. You must pay for your food, the bus or metro once you are in Montreal and the activities you choose.

Registration period: From Tuesday, Sept. 26 (4 p.m.) to Friday Sept. 29 (1:30 p.m.). Strict deadline: no registration will be accepted after the deadline!


What to bring:
◾Wear comfortable shoes to walk around the city.

◾Dress according to the weather.

◾Bring money to pay for your meals and activities.

◾Your student card.

Montreal trip rules:
◾To fully enjoy your day in Montreal, do some research beforehand. Choose what you want to see, plan your budget and figure out how to get around in Montreal. Do not hesitate to consult Nancy (Student Services Coordinator) at the office (Hamelin 101) for suggestions.

◾Visit the tourism website to find sightseeing ideas and see the city information links below. Do not hesitate to meet Nancy at the office if you need help.

◾Be punctual on the day of the outing. You must be at the meeting point at 8:30 a.m.

◾If you miss the bus at 7:00 p.m., you will have to find your own transportation back to Ottawa.

◾Your teacher will not mark you as absent if you register for this outing and join.

◾ You are expected to be in class on Friday.

◾Take pictures during the trip. After the outing, choose a picture that really captures a special moment for you in Montreal. It may be a certain city view, meeting a local, trying new food, etc. It can be anything you want, but is has to have had an impact on you. Send your picture by email at eip@uottawa.ca with 2-3 sentences that explain why you chose that picture. The pictures will be presented during a picture exhibition for EIP students at the end of the session.

City Information:

◾ Learn about the bus and metro system in Montreal.

◾ Montreal Metro map

 Montreal Tourism

◾ City maps