Experience curling, a popular Canadian winter sport! We’ll take a school bus to get to the Rideau Curling Club but you’ll need to take an OC Transpo bus after (several options on Slater Street). Once we arrive on location professional instructors will teach us how to play and we’ll stay until 2:30 pm. Don’t hesitate to join even if you’ve never tried curling before.

Date: January 29. 2015

Meeting point: Arts Hall (ground floor) at 11:45 am. Look for Nancy Thiffault (Student Services Coordinator) and David Pratt (Teacher).

What to bring: If you do not have curling shoes, bring running shoes with clean soles. Street shoes that have been worn to the club are not permitted on the ice. Curling ice needs to remain very clean in order for the rocks to react appropriately.

Wear flexible pants (track pants, yoga pants), a long sleeved shirt and a light jacket or sweater over. The ice area is not winter parka cold, but it’s not summer t-shirt warm either.

Lockers are available for day use. Bring a lock, but we recommend that you keep your valuables (e.g. wallet, keys) with you at all times. The Club is not responsible for any losses incurred on the premises.

U-Pass for the bus at 3:30 pm.

Additional information: Something as tiny as a hair on the ice can ruin your shot, so keep the ice clean. A boot cleaner is located at the entrance, as are sticky pads. Please use both before stepping on the ice. The Club provides brooms for sweeping/sliding. Please return them in the condition you found them.

Cost: It’s free!